Discover the Natural Beauty of Hastings Country Park

Take a day trip to Hastings Country Park

Nestled on the picturesque coast of the Southeast, Hastings Country Park is a captivating destination that effortlessly blends breathtaking landscapes with rich biodiversity. Spanning over 860 acres of unspoiled beauty, this idyllic haven offers visitors a myriad of outdoor activities and opportunities to connect with nature. From exhilarating hikes along rugged cliffs to tranquil picnics in serene meadows, Hastings Country Park is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. 

Unspoiled Wilderness 

Hastings Country Park is a testament to the unspoiled beauty of the South coastline. Stepping foot into this remarkable expanse of nature, visitors are greeted by a kaleidoscope of colours, from the vibrant greens of lush woodlands to the azure blues of the expansive sky and sea. The park boasts an impressive array of ecosystems, including ancient woodlands, chalk grasslands, and towering cliffs that dramatically cascade into the English Channel. This diverse tapestry of landscapes provides a home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, making Hastings Country Park a true paradise for nature lovers. 

Trails and Hiking 

For those seeking adventure and exploration, Hastings Country Park offers an extensive network of well-maintained trails, inviting visitors to embark on exhilarating hikes through its captivating terrain. The Cliff Top Trail, a favorite among avid hikers, provides awe-inspiring vistas of the coastline, allowing visitors to marvel at the raw power of the crashing waves below. Alternatively, the Woodland Trail takes nature enthusiasts on a serene journey through ancient woodlands, with dappled sunlight illuminating the path as birdsong fills the air. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a leisurely stroller, the trails at Hastings Country Park cater to all levels of fitness and offer an immersive experience into the beauty of nature. 

Hastings Country Park and Nature Reserve Sunset

Hastings Country Park and Nature Reserve Sunset

Wildlife and Bird Watching 

Hastings Country Park is a sanctuary for wildlife, providing a haven for numerous species to thrive in their natural habitat. As you explore the park, keep your eyes peeled for graceful deer roaming freely, rabbits frolicking in meadows, and the occasional glimpse of a fox darting through the undergrowth. Bird watchers are in for a treat as well, with an impressive variety of avian species calling the park home. From majestic birds of prey, such as peregrine falcons and kestrels, to melodious songbirds, including linnets and stonechats, the skies above Hastings Country Park come alive with a symphony of winged creatures. Bring your binoculars and immerse yourself in the captivating world of birdwatching. 

Picnic Bliss 

Amidst the captivating landscapes and invigorating activities, Hastings Country Park also offers ample opportunities for relaxation and tranquillity. With its serene meadows, shaded groves, and breathtaking coastal views, the park provides the perfect setting for a leisurely picnic with family and friends. Spread out a blanket, savour local delicacies, and soak in the rejuvenating ambiance of nature. Allow the soothing sounds of the wind rustling through the grass and the distant crash of waves to transport you to a state of blissful serenity. A picnic at Hastings Country Park is an unforgettable experience, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. 

How to get there from Vive Hotel 

You can drive there in around 15 minutes (depending on traffic). You can travel by bus. It is a 6-minute walk to the Harold Place (Stop Q) and then buses are every 60 minutes and the journey in total (excluding wait time) will take around 20 minutes. It is around one hour to walk and comes in just under 3 miles. 

Hastings Country Park by the coast

Hastings Country Park by the coast